The decision to establish this School was borne out of inspiration and urge to give good service delivery to humanity. We believe that, the greatest deed one can do for the world is being able to exploit her thoughts and feelings in words as well as her human experiences for others to receive the good out of them for their hopes and future best. This reminds us that the greatest good we can do for others for their benefits is not to share our riches with them, but to reveal their riches to them through qualitative education. Our hope and desire for every child, youth and adult is to help, stimulate and motivate them to be a King or Queen in future even if they are not from Royal home.


The school was established and opened on the 17th September, 2007. It has also been registered with Corporate Affairs Commission with number KD 026204 and the Ministry of Education.


  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Commitment to Best Practices
  • Accessibility & Openness
  • Innovativeness
  • Good Service Delivery
  • Investor in Future Leaders
  • Tradition of Outstanding Performance
  • Small Class Size of About 25 - 30 pupils
  • Emphasis on Parents & Guardians Satisfaction
  • Value for money and quality education
  • ICT Education

    To provide an innovative and self reliance broad based quality education that will make our products (pupils) succeed.


    To be a dynamic innovative and high performing institution which delivers a world class education and training to meet the exigency needs of individuals, organizations, the Nigeria Nation and the Global Community.


    The decision to establish a school named Greater Heights Academy was borne out of inspiration and passion I have for teaching since my primary school days. Despite the efforts of my parents to turn off or kill the inspiration because of the economic relegation of teachers (poor remunerations) then, but the more he tries, the more my propensity and hunger for teaching increases.

    My passion/inspiration was precipitated on the following:

    • To inculcate the value of self reliance in all our endeavors.
    • To uphold the tenets and virtues of education.
    • Versatile across disciplines.

    I believe that the greatest good one can do for others for their benefits is not to share our riches with them but to reveal their riches to them through qualitative education. “Don’t give me fish but teach me how to catch fish.”

    Our Team

    Greater Heights Academy Team comprises of qualified and skilled teachers, charged with the responsibilities to deliver quality education (academics and moral) to your wards. We care, love, train the students for present and future challenges. We discover and help to build the students potentials to be better for themselves and the society at large. Trust Us as we Trust God.

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